Buffalo Bill Cody

By: Hannah Stillmock


Buffalo Bill was a hunter. One of the main things he hunted for was buffalo. He wanted to be the family leader and he never gave up trying. He set sail to work for supply trains. To learn more about Buffalo Bill Cody read on in this photo essay.

Early Life

Buffalo Bill Cody was born in Scott county in Iowa. He was born on Feb. 26 1846. His real name Is William F. Cody. The main thing he hunted for was buffalo, he also hunted for deer, rabbits, of food and other kinds of food . When his father died when he was 8 years old. Buffalo Bill, his brother, and his mother moved to Kansas. His brother died when he was 12 years old in a horse accident. He got his nick name by working as a buffalo hunter. When his father died when he was 8 years old. Buffalo Bill, his brother, and his mother moved to Kansas

Adult Life

In 1893 Cody lived on a ranch in Wyoming. His friends and him did fancy shooting, mock battles, and trick horseback riding. In 1868 he returned to his work as a buffalo hunter. He died on Jan 10,1917 why he was visiting his sister in Denver, Colorado. He was buried on a look out mountain in Denver.


He killed over 4,280 heads of buffalo in 17 months. Later on he got a job at the Pony Express. He delivered mail to the Pony Express. He also had a show called THE WILD WILD WEST which begun on December 17 1872. His first show was in Omaha. Another accomplishment is he set out to earn the family living and working for supply trains.


From reading this photo essay you learned that Buffalo Bill hunted for lots of buffalo. Now scene Buffalo Bill is a Notable Nebraskan we know that he is a good person. He was famous for many things. For example he had a wild west show that gave us entertainment.


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