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  • What is a mineral?

In order to be classified as a mineral, it has to have these 5 characteristics

1. It has to be naturally occurring. (found in earth)

2. It has to be inorganic- cannot be made from something that was once living

3. It has to be a solid, it must have a definite shape &volume

4. It has to have a crystalline structure, the repeating pattern of a minerals structure

5. It has to have a definite chemical composition and always contains elements in the same amount.


Hardness is measured by the resistance which a smooth surface offers to abrasion. Ruby's hardness is 9.

The luster is the appearance of a mineral surface judged by its ability to reflect light. The transparency is translucent, transparent and opaque depending on the individual rock.

Color is the way the object reflects light. The color is red.

Fracture is the breaking of a hard object or material. Ruby has a fracture.

Specific Gravity is the ratio of an objects density to the density of water. A ruby's specific gravity is 3.96 - 4.05.

Streak is color of the powder produced when a mineral is rubbed against a hard surface. A rubies streak can be red or pink.

The Ruby does not have any special properties

Where in the world is it found?

Rubies tend to be found in southern Asia and eastern Africa.

What are rubies are used for?

Rubies are used for jewelry, lasers and meditation.


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