Laura Murphy St Charles IL

Laura Murphy St Charles IL: ICU vs. Maternity Ward

Laura Murphy of St Charles IL works in the Intensive Care Unit at St Charles General Hospital. She spends the majority of her time acting as a liaison between extremely busy doctors and extremely frightened patients. “The majority of my job,” she says matter-of-factly, “is convincing patients that the doctor is on their side. This isn’t a business deal where both sides are trying to get the most from each other. It’s medicine. We are here to help our patients. We aren’t on commission; we don’t get more money for convincing you to go through an expensive surgery. We just want you to get better.”

Laura Murphy of St Charles, IL formerly worked in the Maternity Ward, for about two years, before she transferred to the Intensive Care Unit. “There was always a draw to the ICU, for me. It probably had to do with the nurse who took care of my father near the end of his life. But even during school, I made sure I got the extra ‘critical care’ title when I filed for my registration. I was by no means dissatisfied by the Maternity Ward. They do amazing work there. The Intensive Care Unit was simply my goal, the spot I was aiming for.” When asked if she would go back, she thinks for a moment, “I don’t think so, not full time at least. I still help out there if they need an extra hand. But I don’t think so. I’m too attached the patients and the types of patients I encounter in the ICU.”

Laura Murphy St Charles IL: Telecommuting

Laura Murphy of St Charles IL is a nurse registered in the State of Illinois. She works in the Intensive Care Unit at St Charles General Hospital, and advocates for patients there daily. She goes running every other morning, sometimes with one or both of her two daughters. She takes care of an organic garden in her spare time, which she says is her way of giving to the Earth. On weekends, Laura Murphy will often go rock climbing with her daughters.

Laura Murphy of St Charles, IL worked as a technical writer for almost a decade, telecommuting for a software company based in Chicago. She is a strong advocate for the idea of telecommuting, “some jobs don’t even need to be done in an office. Why not let employees save on the commute and do their work in pajamas?” Indeed, it is the same sort of argument for home-schooling children instead of sending them to a public school. Why take six hours for something that could be done more comfortably and completely in three?

“There seems to be this belief,” says Laura Murphy of St Charles, IL, “that people will be lazier and do less and expect to be paid the same,” she laughs. “It certainly was not the case for me, and there was a recent survey where average tech workers said they would take a 10% pay decrease for the ability to telecommute. That isn't telling me they want to be lazy, it's telling me they realize the benefits of being able to make breakfast and work in their office instead of spending the next hour and a half getting ready and driving to an office to work."

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