DeLaney Witt

Mesopotamia is an ancient civilization first formed in between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates. This small civilization was the first civilization to develop and advanced throughout time. Many life-forms came, but then were invaded and over come by other newly formed civilizations that wanted what Mesopotamia had. As more and more civilizations invaded Mesopotamia they became more advanced and became a large civilization very quickly!

The newly invented wheel!

Mesopotamians were constantly building, and inventing new things; they were very creative. They created the wheel which is now used for pottery and mobile transportation. Mesopotamians likely created a new way of living for our civilization, past civilizations, and future civilizations when they made the wheel. In the past the wheel was used for pottery, by simply butting the wheel on a wooden dole and spinning it. It was also used for wagons that horses pulled and mobility throughout Mesopotamia, and later on the whole world. Now we use the wheel for transportation on school busses, cars, bicycles, and scooters, We also use it for grocery shopping! The wheel was one of the greatest inventions throughout time, and made a big difference in life we know today. Mesopotamians were smart enough to make an amazing invention, and had the craftsmanship to build it as well!  

Where did the first set of written laws come from?

You bet your bottoms it came from Mesopotamia! Mesopotamians were quick to invented the newly written laws we still use to this day! They were reasonable with the community and the worlds first civilization. One example of the written laws is: Hammurabi's code. They were written on a 6 foot tall monument with a statue Hammurabi and another man on top. Mesopotamians were very proud of there fellow neighbor, but some disagreed with his newly made laws. The laws were designed to benefit civilizations coming and going in Mesopotamia to keep peace. The laws were needed some man and woman of Mesopotamia would keep under control and not cause any problems.

The first empire!

Mesopotamia was the worlds first empire! This shoes great achievement and alows Mesopotamia to get regignition. This means this was the first civilization to have a ruler and buildings to live life! Among being the first empire Mesopotamia was also the bet empire through time over all! They Concorde later made empires and always stay on the top.Mesopotamia was an advanced empire and had a lot of achievement throughout time!