Stop Deforestation

Trees; " The Lungs of the World "

Many animals and plants are deprived of their habitat. We have had five mass extinctions of animals in the history of the earth and scientists warn that the sixth is under way.

  Deforestation is the action or process of clearing forests. It is a huge global issue in today's world. Our trees, " The Lungs of the World" are dissapearing rapidly and they are taking many other things with it.

  Trees have a huge role in our environment. They provide homes for the animals, give us oxygen, and helps stop soil erosion. People don't realize that when we cut down a whole forest, we are destroying the habits of animals. When this happens, eventually the that animal species will die out, causing a disturbance in the food chain. I understand that we need the wood for housing and the things that we need to survive, but cutting down too much of it can be harming us more than it is really helping us.

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