Reaches Customers Through a Strong Social Media Presence

About Delaron

Delaron provides customers who appreciate fine living with signature skin care products, available exclusively through the company's website. The line of skin care products includes hand and body moisturizer, anti-aging serum, and bath and body oil, all formulated with high quality natural ingredients such as green tea extract and organic aloe vera. Delaron also offers high quality alcoholic spirits that are recognized worldwide for superior taste. The notably smooth character of the company's signature vodka has earned it popularity with patrons worldwide.

Fans of the "ultimate lifestyle experience" are invited to follow Delaron via social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, where they'll find photos of fast cars and exotic models, along with up-to-date news of the company's developing product lines. Also of interest to followers, the Delaron’s YouTube channel features videos of sponsored events, such as footage of the Team Delaron journey to Vietnam, where they participated in an auto rally featuring high-end luxury vehicles.

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