Defining The Deliverable

It’s impossible to predict the outcome of any one of our assignments but in all cases there will be some clear gaps in knowledge/data, some obvious next steps and a lot to think about.


A Meaningful Record

We will have captured our own observations and insights and will also spend a short amount of time reflecting and then reporting back. We know that there are some immediate deliverables that any team will need and these are included in every session and at each phase

The record of the visual framework that was co created in workshop. There is always a strong emotional connection with the visuals developed in the session and these are stored digitally and packaged so that they can be recreated.

Some teams like to keep the original which is fine but comes with some logistical challenges! We will provide first versions within 48 hours, often quicker. A slightly more finessed set will follow shortly afterwards.

All Strategy Is Story

To support this will be the ‘story’ behind the framework - ultimately this is what make strategy real - human - and we will have been shaping that story from day one. It will be brought to life in the workshop and the various personalities in the room will be providing anecdotes, insights and perspectives that will find their way into the visuals and the narrative that accompanies it.

A Range Of Deliverables

We have a range of ways to provide this back to the team - simple interactive displays, iBooks, Traditional PDF - we will decide that when we know you better, it has no impact on costs unless we move to a more sophisticated level of communication

Progress In Progress

This is as far as we would suggest we take any first engagement. By this time you will have all the rationale for your strategy and the story that you can use to socialise it. There will be a lot still to do but - with the participation and engagement of the team - everything will be set for success.