K-12 mLearning Options

Educational App's for iOS

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Desmos Graphing Calculator

What is this? Desmos is an example of a graphing calculator. It is a free app that allows students to have a visual understanding of how changing variables impacts different mathematical curves. Students can enter the necessary numbers into certain categories and then press play and watch how it moves.

How can it be used? Desmos can be used in the classroom setting when working through the transformation unit in Math 30-1 or Math 30-2. Many students struggle with grasping the abstract concepts of how transformations shift, stretch or shrink a curve. By using this application students can add different numbers into different variables to fully understand which variable causes what type of movement.


Simple Physics

What is this? Simple Physics allows students to design complex structures. Students can then test the structural integrity of their structure by applying theoretical stress. This application also brings in the concept of budget by forcing the students to stay under budget in their creation of their structure.

How can it be used? Simple physics would work great in the science classroom for junior high grades. Students could have the ability to build a real life structure or one that it virtual. This allows for students who lack skills in real building to show they have the necessary understanding to meet the course outcomes. This application could also be used in the Physics 20 or 30 courses for obvious reasons.



What is this? Notability is an application that allows for students to take notes on iPads, iPhones or iPod touches. This allows for all of the students notes to be electronically kept for ease of sharing with other classmates. Students can download pdf's and then add to them by typing or drawing with a stylist.

How can it be used? Notability can basically be used in any classroom setting but would be best used in junior or senior high classes. An example of its usage would be in the Social classroom. A teacher could send an email around with the days notes on pdf attached. Students could then download the notes onto notability and then spend the time in class highlighting the key points, adding extra notes or connecting ideas.


Cell and Cell Structure

What is it? Cell and Cell Structure allows students to gain an in-depth understanding of the different parts of the cell. Through interactive activities students will become more engaged and learn an increased amount of information. This application will appeal to visual learners.

How can it be used? Students learn about the cell in great detail during Biology 20 and 30. This application will aid in the students understanding and desire to learn more about the cell.


Poems by Heart

What is it? Poems by Heart is an application that challenges to students to memorize and recite classic poetry. Students are tested through a variety of game like situations on the memorization and understanding of poetry.

How can it be used? Students gain a greater understanding and comprehension of poetry after memorization occurs. This application would  be best used in an English Language Arts classroom.


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