Driving to Education

Topic: Driver Education.


- Finding and remembering the main traffic signs.

- Working in groups and collaborating.

- Creating new traffic signs.

- Exemplifying appropriate and inappropriate situations at street and recording them.

- Using the ICTs

- Applying what they have learnt through a circuit.

General-short description:

The students are going to do some different activities to learn about Driver Education in 6 session. They will learn the main traffic signs and the meaning of their colors and shapes and finally, they will put them on practice through a circuit. To learn about it they will support of various tools to get a interactive and funny learning with the objective that they can remember it during the rest of their life. Moreover, they can develop with this activities important values as working in groups and fellowship.

For the learning will successful, children should follow all directions of their teachers.

age-level: 9-10 4th

subject: science

basic competences: treatment of information and digital competence

social and citizen competence

Long description

sessions: 6

This activity will be conducted in 6 sessions:

- Session 1:First of all, you have to explain to the children what is this activity about: the students will have to record, out of school hours, appropriated and unappropriated daily situations at street (minimum 5, maximum 10) for after making a quiz, they will have to create a new traffic sign, and they will finally have to show what they have learnt through mural.ly. Secondly, they have to organize in groups of 5 and look on the Internet the meanings of the main colours and shapes of traffic signs.

- Session 2: In this session, each group have to explain to the rest of the class what do the colours and the shapes of the traffic signs mean and put some examples of the most important ones. With that, you can evaluate their research work.

- Session 3: Your objective in this session is that your students learn in a funny way.

The application that children have to use is QuizRevolution where they can create a customized quiz for their peers. Quiz templates are ready-to-use solutions which require no coding and no design work. They are easy to create for children.

For this activity, children have to use the videos that they have done in groups where they exemplified appropriate and inappropriate situations at street, put them in QuizRevolution and make some question about these videos with one correct answer. With the score of this activity, you can check their general knowledge about Driver Education.

- Session 4: In this session, children have to use Moovly application, a funny tool to create animated presentations. Children have to create a new traffic sign putting into practice what they have learned about the mean of colours and shapes of traffic sign in the session 2.

- Session 5: In this session children will put on practice what they have learn through a funny circuit. The rules are the following: there are two teams, the car and the moto; each team have to do the same route but in the opposite direction. They have to respect all the traffic signs and traffic lights that the rival team is putting to them, if they don’t, they have to start again. The winner is the one who arrive first to his goal. It is a different way of making sure that they have internalized the topic.

- Session 6: In this last session children will use Mural.ly. This is an excellent tool to drag us all kinds of content as images, YouTube videos, Facebook content and more, it is a kind of virtual canvas. With this tool, children have to do a summarize with images, videos and post-it about everything that they have done and learnt.


You have multiple ways of evaluating what they have learnt through the different activities:

- In session 2 you can evaluate their research capability.

- In session 3 you can evaluate their knowledge with their quiz score, and also with their quiz itself.

- In session 4 you can evaluate their creativity and their application of the contents that they already knew.

- In session 5 you can evaluate how they put on practice their knowledge, as well as their teamwork.

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