Dennis T Wang

Accomplished Entrepreneur and Fashion Executive

About Dennis T Wang

A business executive with extensive entrepreneurial experience, Dennis T. Wang guides Alexander Wang, Inc., in the roles of Chief Principal officer and Co-Founder. Since its founding in 2004, the firm has grown into an internationally-recognized fashion enterprise. In his leadership capacity, Dennis T. Wang established company locations throughout the world and played a key role in setting up the company's initial development headquarters in China. Further, after recruiting and hiring more than 100 key employees in the first three years of business operations, he has successfully transitioned the daily management to a highly-respected team of senior professionals.

Prior to assuming his current position, Dennis T. Wang supported Aeon Group International in San Francisco as Co-Founder and independent investor. While there, he oversaw matters linked to the company’s real estate holdings and diversified its asset portfolio. His professional background also includes time in senior roles at such companies as Nike, Inc., Gap, Inc., and Pan Pacific Group Companies, Inc.

Four Popular Styles of Yoga

For the last decade, Dennis T. Wang has served as Chief Principal Officer of Alexander Wang, Inc., a luxury retailer of men’s and women’s clothing. Outside of his work with the company, Dennis T. Wang stays in shape by practicing yoga and other forms of exercise.

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