Denny Weinberg

Denny Weinberg, California Business Turnaround Consultant

Based in the Santa Rosa Valley in Southern California, Denny Weinberg continues a nearly 40-year-long career leading companies to improve business operations, strategy and market position. A senior executive with experience in business turnaround and product / market development, Weinberg is a visionary leader who inspires teams to extraordinary results. His skills include business development, growth management, mergers and acquisitions, new-product development and launches and general operations management. In addition, Denny Weinberg has served as director and advisor for Salem Communications Corp (NASDAQ:SALM), Dole Food Company (NYSE:DOLE), Wellpoint (NYSE:DOLE), and Health Management Inc (NASDAQ:HMI) and PE Backed Applied Merchants Systems and Renal Ventures Management.

Weinberg currently services as executive advisor and interim chief executive officer (CEO) of hixme, a Calabasas, California, technology and benefits consulting business dedicated to large employer benefits and exchange platforms following the passage of the Affordable Care Act. Weinberg is also the managing member of FocalScan Systems a Laguna Woods company with a minimally invasive technology for identification and treatment support for prostate cancer. Weinberg also published a blog throughout the implementation of the Affordable Car Act called which analyzed the un-intended consequences on the health related industries of the ACA. Additionally, he has spent the past decade as the chairman of and a general partner with Skyview and Kalispell National Investment Group. The two real estate developers of approximately 600 single- and multi-family residential units throughout Northern Montana.

Hixme - Private Exchange Serves Both Employers and Employees

An experienced turnaround executive, Denny Weinberg has led a number of companies in diverse industries over the course of his 40-year career. Denny Weinberg leverages his experience to serve as chief executive officer of Hixme.

Hixme stands out as a private health care exchange that helps employees and their families to access more than 3,800 health care plans. In addition to serving individuals and their families, Hixme assists employers by taking responsibility for their benefits plans and lowering administrative costs. Hixme uses its analytics toolkit to help reduce benefits costs and create a model that gives employees control of their health care plans.

By overseeing a company’s benefits plan, Hixme frees up CEOs and leaders to focus on growing their businesses, relieving human resources professionals of the responsibility of coordinating benefits so that they can focus on recruiting and retaining talent.

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Hixme - Redefining the Way Employees Source Health Coverage

As CEO of Hixme Insurance Solutions, Inc., Denny Weinberg guides a firm that has re-envisioned the packaging of employee benefits in ways that reflect the current health insurance marketplace. Denny Weinberg was interviewed recently in The Financial Revolutionist and described his data science-focused approach as reflecting new market realities.

In the past, employees obtained insurance through employers, with pooling strategies representing the optimal strategy for achieving best pricing. This practice has largely changed, as increasing numbers of healthy employees have opted out and raised the bottom line costs for those who remain within employer-led insurance plans.

Through Hixme, insurance coverage pooling occurs at a much larger scale, with the participation of some 22 million people across companies ensuring stability and providing price-setting leverage. Hixme’s approach is more suitable for sourcing plans than purchasing them on a public exchange directly. As Mr. Weinberg characterizes it, Hixme’s approach provides a unified source of relevant information that enables workers to “project and understand” their needs and identify which plan suits their family the best.