Denny Weinberg

Denny Weinberg, California Business Turnaround Consultant

Based in the Santa Rosa Valley in Southern California, Denny Weinberg continues a nearly 40-year-long career leading companies to improve business operations, strategy and market position. A senior executive with experience in business turnaround and product / market development, Weinberg is a visionary leader who inspires teams to extraordinary results. His skills include business development, growth management, mergers and acquisitions, new-product development and launches and general operations management. In addition, Denny Weinberg has served as director and advisor for Salem Communications Corp (NASDAQ:SALM), Dole Food Company (NYSE:DOLE), Wellpoint (NYSE:DOLE), and Health Management Inc (NASDAQ:HMI) and PE Backed Applied Merchants Systems and Renal Ventures Management.

Weinberg currently services as executive advisor and interim chief executive officer (CEO) of hixme, a Calabasas, California, technology and benefits consulting business dedicated to large employer benefits and exchange platforms following the passage of the Affordable Care Act. Weinberg is also the managing member of FocalScan Systems a Laguna Woods company with a minimally invasive technology for identification and treatment support for prostate cancer. Weinberg also published a blog throughout the implementation of the Affordable Car Act called which analyzed the un-intended consequences on the health related industries of the ACA. Additionally, he has spent the past decade as the chairman of and a general partner with Skyview and Kalispell National Investment Group. The two real estate developers of approximately 600 single- and multi-family residential units throughout Northern Montana.