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Date 1/11/10

Brookshire Salt Dome (Key Factors)

  • 1. Modern Day Oil & Gas Boom! In the early beginning stages of development!
  • 2. Prior Logging Technology from the 1900’s through the 1950’s showed the sands to be wet, when in fact they have been recently discovered to have a mix of both water and Crude Oil, approximately a 50/50 mix. The wells are drilled and produced, and the water is separated and disposed of.
  • 3. Millions of Barrels of Crude Oil has been produced from the new wells drilled over the last few years, in this new Oil & Gas Boom!
  • 4. The average production from these Gulf Coast Region Salt Domes is approximately 100 Million BO! Flank area production is consistently higher than the rest of the dome, with a longer well production period.
  • 5. Denver’s key leases are located at the Flank areas of the Dome! Proven locations with new primary production.
  • 6. 3D Seismic, Neozoic Geophysical, field new well log data, structural maps, and Independent Geological Write ups, are being utilized to determine the best overall locations to drill, targeting multiple pay zones.
  • 7. The Brookshire Dome is easily accessible, located at the I-10 Freeway, approximately 45 minutes west of Houston. Natural Gas lines are in place, and the Crude Oil is picked up throughout the day.
  • 8. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in the development of a Salt Dome and be a part of History! Spindletop is still producing at the Flank over 100 years after its discovery!

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