4. Deploying what we agreed we would do to answer the Exam Question*

*The Exam Question is that question that best describes the challenge or opportunity and for which strategy or plans need to be built.

The Deployment Framework contains 5 Modules. The following order explains the sequence and ensures that we understand how we will deploy the #resilient business for the future.

The 5 Modules In Detail

Scroll or click through each of the modules below to get a sense of the structured logic. Think of them as interconnected conversations between the team - with no outcome or bias in mind. There are many supplementary elements to this but this framework gets us to consider the baseline and from there we can build.

    1. The Blueprint - Core aspects of the business are now in place
    2. The Practices - Key capabilities fully understood as ways in which the business now works
    3. Operational Design - A business now designed to work in the right way for the 21st Century
    4. The Eco-System - Working the way humans work as individuals, teams and eco-systems
    5. The Resilience Model - Staying true to the #Resilience model principles and ideas.

The 4th Framework Within the 4D Approach