by ben


“Vroom vroom screech!” I whip around another bend; I just barely survive another turn I spin out with barely enough gas to finish this race. At this rate my go-kart would crash epically! I slip and slide on the wet slippery grass with mud flying left and right my goggles stained with mud balls all I see is mud when I lift my goggles I am in a brush of trees.


Rolling in a Go-kart you feel like your body is a bomb going off. Your head is rolling with pain you’re stuck in the mud; you’re in a tight situation, your body being crushed that is the result when you make a really sharp turn while you’re going super-fast. Now drifting you feel like you’re in heaven because not everyone can do it so when you do it feel special and soak up all the light and fame you get you feel like your on top of the world!


On a turn you slip and slide on the damp mud you slam against the side of the kart degree turns are like heaven you turn in a way so you face the track but you’re going sideways wheels turning and gears grinding.


Flipping in a go-kart is extremely painful a go-kart does not break your bones they shatter. But with the right precautions as goggles to protect your eyes you can stay alive for now. Crashing is way different your body shuts down your head is rolling with pain you blackout your lying in the Go-kart with your face in the steering wheel you figure out you hit a tree but instead of crying you lie down and wait for help to arrive.