Martin Luther

Martin Luther


Born November 10th 1483 in Germany. Died February 18th 1546 at the age of 62. Wife was Katherine Van Bora , he had 6 children with her. He was a Monk, Theologin, Priest, and a Professsor.

Major Accomplishments.

He nailed the ninety nine theses, caused people to question the church, EX. Indulgences. Published the complete German Bible

Impact on the Renaissance.

He made the bible available, also influenced religious lifestyles in Europe.

He caused people to question the church. Started the Protestant reformation. made the indulgences get banned and the church no longer was getting monsey from sinners.

Impact on the present.

He formed the church and weakened the power of the church. his writings changed the course of religious and cultural history in the west.His writings caused significant religious reform.

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