Derek Jeter: The Contract
Kal Lewis

Jeter falling into the stands while making an outstanding catch on a pop fly.

Getting a hard grounder and finishing the play while jumping in the air and throwing it to first for the out.

Derek Jeter in the on-deck circle getting ready to bat while watching the pitcher.

Jeter running off the field after the last out of the inning.

Summary of Derek Jeter:

     Derek Jeter grew up in pequannock, New Jersey. He was one of two kids in his family. Him and his sister Sharlee. In class, Derek had a dream in class about hitting a double in the world series and being on second base. The next batter hit the ball into right field while Jeter was rounding third and he was coming for home. When he got to the plate he slid under the tag and he was safe. The crowd chanted Derek Jeter and said the Yankees won the world series. As a kid, he had to write an assignment about what he wanted to be when he was older and he chose to be the leading shortstop for the New York Yankees. He felt very confident that he was going to do well and he was going to get an amazing grade. Derek's family made a chart for him and some of them listed: Family comes first, be a role model for Sharlee, respect others as in being a good teammate, respect yourself as in taking care of your body, and working hard.  

     One day when he checked the mail, he was assigned to play for the Tigers and his heart sank. Derek felt terrible that he was playing for the Tigers and not the Yankees. He really wanted to play on the Yankees because it was his favorite baseball team. When he read his paper about being the leading shortstop for the New York Yankees his class laughed at him because they thought he could not accomplish his goal for being the shortstop for the Yankees. Derek and this kid named Gary have competitions in school for math class since they are both amazing in math. Since Derek had not studied for such a long time because of baseball, he had only one night to study. He studied for about 2 hours getting ready for the math test. He was determined to beat Gary. The next day when he took the test he felt confident that he was going to do well. The day after that when he got his test back it said 84 which was a nightmare to him. Gary got a 97 which was his third in a row. Gary started rubbing his test in Derek's face and started saying better luck next time in a sarcastic voice. Also, that was his worst grade in math ever. He brought his test home to show his parent and they thought it was a good grade, but not to Derek.

     His friend Vijay stood up for him to protect him from the laughter of the kids in his class. On his baseball team he has to play with this kid named Pete who is a total jerk to everybody on the team. Pete's dad is the coach of the baseball team and he does not deal with Pete's attitude whenever he gets upset or is in a terrible mood. Derek or his teammates get the blame whenever Pete does something wrong from Pete's opinion. Something that's even worse is that Pete is playing at shortstop and Derek is playing at second base which crushed Derek's heart. Derek is always trying his best to impress the coach, so he can play shortstop instead of Pete. Derek is always in the game ready for the ball to come to him and he never gives up. Talking back from the second paragraph, in class one day Derek looked at the back of Gary's head and said in his head, "I'm going to beat you out on the next math test. You wait and see." On one day Vijay started calling Derek from the outside telling him to play some baseball, but Derek declined to study for his math test which he said that he would get a hundred. Vijay offered him to come to his house to study for the test and Derek accepted that. Derek was wondering how Vijay's parents had the time to do all the work they had to do and yet they had time to buy and cook Indian food. The reason that Vijay wanted to help Derek for his math test was since Pete was being a jerk to Vijay, Derek was the only one to stick by his side and say do not listen to him. At practice one day, Derek had a one-on-one conversation with the coach. The coach said I'm putting you at shortstop for the rest of the year. Derek was so surprised that he got to play shortstop. They were playing the second best team in the league. The Orioles. They had a 7-1 record right behind the Yankees who were 8-0. The Orioles ended up winning the game. Gary got his test back and said another 97, five in a row. Derek showed him his paper which said 100. Gary said it was dumb luck. The Tigers were versing the Yankees to get revenge. Derek got a hit on his first at bat which was a home run. Derek hit another home run on his second at bat. The Tigers won the game 5-4. After the game, coach kozlowski chose Pete and Derek to be on the All-Star team.                                                                                                                                      

Theme of the Biography

     The theme of the story is that if you do not give up you will always be able to accomplish what you want to do. I will state some reasons in the following paragraph.
     One detail that proves my theme is in the story, Derek's team plays against the best team in the league which is the Yankees. The first time they played them they lost the game. In the second game they won the game. This proves my theme because although the team lost the first time it does not mean you will not win the second time. Another detail that proves my theme is Derek is in a mini competition with this kid in his class named Gary to see who gets the better Math grade. The first time Derek gets an 84 and Gary gets a 97. The second time Derek gets an 100 and Gary gets a 97. These details prove that never giving up will always be leading to accomplishments.
    In the paragraph before I stated how Derek never gave up in sports or in academics. When you put your mind to it you will be able to accomplish everything.

Derek Jeter retirement with Mariano Rivera and Jorge Posada.