Ludia Hong, Spencer Ezzell, Christian Lawler

What is Dètente? - Ludia

Leaders of Soviet Union and the United States agreed on reduction of hostility, calming the arms race and slow competition in developing countries.

Didn't resolve problems between superpowers, but relaxed Cold War tensions and encouraged new spirit of cooperation.

Era of Cooperation

Health research, environmental protection, science and technology, space ventures, and cultural exchange programs


U.s. defeat in vietnam

President Nixon realized that U.S. role in Vietnam War was not wanted; pledged to end war in 1968 by turning war over to South Vietnamese (Vietnamization), which didn't lessen the problem, but made it worse.

War extended into other countries and continued heavy bombing in North Vietnam.

U.S. withdrew from conflict in January 1973 with Paris Peace Accord.

Although U.S. presence left Vietnam, the war did not end. North Vietnam and NLF continued struggling to conquer South Vietnam and unite nation. Accomplished with military defeat of South in 1975 and unification in 1976.

Soviet setback in Afghanistan - Christian

Muslim Afghanistan part of the non-alignment movement until 1978

Official conflict began in 1979 and full Soviet Union withdrawal in 1989

PDPA was offended by the soviets and became paranoid implementing strong armed resistance throughout the country

United States, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, and China gave them money and weapons during this soviet struggle

A negotiation between the Soviet Union and the U.N enabled a strong tie making the Afghanistan country safe from them

The superpowers had lots of problems making them have destroyed a lot of their potential in military help

Cold War countercultural protests - Spencer

The citizens of the world all wanted to abolish the Cold War Systems

This was proven true, as many movies came out of Hollywood that slandered the world's leaders showing them as brainless idiots who led the world to destruction

European and American youth alike, formed a group that went to their universities and led massive demonstrations that promoted peace and the end of nuclear weapons

In 1964, the University of California Berkeley formed the Free Speech Movement that allowed students free expression on campus. This allowed the students to talk about ending the war and how to gain peace throughout the world

The youthful influences around the world eventually led to the new genre of music known as Rock n Roll

Nixon was upset about information leaking regarding the bombings in Cambodia and ordered wire taps on reporter phone lines and members of his own staff

The thieves were eventually caught but at that point Nixon could not do anything to save himself and he resigned for office in 1974.

Nixon's Monitoring

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