Designing Your Page

Good day. Your mission, if you wish to accept it, is to create the template/page design of your assigned page. Your group of four will be the mastermind of said design, and if all goes well, that will be the look of the two pages. Please see below to see what this mission will entail. It will need copious amounts of teamwork and a unified vision of awesomeness.

Your page design is worth 40 pts.

Headline Treatment

Your headline treatment includes WHAT you call your page: 10 pts.

First, think of some cool ways we could write our headlines/titles on the pages. This should be something that can translate to BIG or small. Look at the following link below for some direction about working with type.  

Where will you Center of Visual Interest go?

Your CVI placement will be worth 5 pts.

3. How are you incorporating the theme onto your page?

Your creative use of how you incorporate the theme will be worth 15 pts.

Placement of your OTHER photos and captions

Your photo and caption placement will be worth 5 pts.

Sketch out your design on the graph paper provided.

Your finished sketch, which will have all the above on it, will be worth 5 pts.

Once Mr. Williams OK's your page design, you can begin laying it out on the computer.