Destin, FL Beach Wedding

Garrett + Rachel get married

When good friends get married, it's a memorable experience. When good friends get married with the ocean as their backdrop, the experience is even more memorable. Mid-September 2014 marked a fabulous getaway to Destin, FL where friends and family came together to celebrate Garrett and Rachel. Here are some pics that I snapped along the way.  

Triv sisters and our Matt's. ❤
Couple pic.

Beach wedding memories

Rehearsal night

It's 5 o'clock somewhere house.

More fun in Destin

Welcome to Florida!
Beach olympics winners.
Bibs on, ready to eat our crab legs!
So delish.
The groom and Matt root on the Browns on a Sunday away from home.
Jump in, it's hot!
Stroll on the beach.
The fun is that way.