Alice Walker

( By : Destiny Shantel Riggins )

Genry,Tony.Alice Walker
New York:Chelsa House Publishers,1968

                                     Childhood Experiences

Alice Walker was born into a bad community. She began her childhood in a crowded house with 5 brothers and her parents.The house she lived in was very cramped.When she was only 4 years old,she began school with confidence in herself.Four years later , she received an injury ,when playing with her brothers,that could eventually make her blind in 1 eye;however she overcome the injury & kept her eyesight.Alice Walker was a brave and intelligent girl.

                                   Contribution To Society

     Whe Alice became an adult she accomplished several goals.In 1961,she recieved a scholarship to Spellman College & later transferred to Sarah Lawrence College.She joined over 250,000 people at the national capitol : March on Washington for Jobs & Freedom.Although she attend this event at the capital,she wasn't able to get close to the Lincoln Memorial.While she was still there she was able to listen to Martin Luther King Jr 's "I Have A Dream" speech.His speech was an inspirition because he was fighting for African Americans equal rights & she wanted to follow his footsteps.She then returned to her college to continue school.In 1965, she had finally graduate and published her first novel.Alice Walker then knew that her career was about to begin.


     Alice wanted to achieve numerious goals in her life.After college,she worked as a teacher,social worker, and a lecturer.She also became a apart of the Civil Rights Movement,meaning she was fighting for African American rights.She published many stories such as"3rd Life of Grange Copeland" in 1970 and "In Love & Trouble" in 1973.Alice was now becoming successful .