Destiny's Journey

Hey there! I am Destiny Mendez, an 11th grade student at Harlingen High School South. I enjoy the color pink and love anything sparkly. My Tackk will give you a brief description of my personal life and some things about me. Enjoy :)        

A photo of myself at the beach enjoying family time.

March 1st: This morning i had breakfast with my lovely grandparents at a restaurant called Los Nortenos. I had the barbacoa plate with potatoes and egg. Can't forget the tortillas! They are my fav!  After we finished breakfast we headed out to Market Days which happens every first Saturday of the month. It is held on Jackson Street downtown Harlingen, and they have dozens of booths set up selling jewelry, handbags, tools, fishing gear and much more! They also have food & music! I really enjoy going to market days because I just love spending time with my family and buying cute stuff.  After market days, my mother picked me up & we went to the outlets for a little shopping , my mother bought a couple of things for herself, then bought me a cute outfit from Juicy Couture. It's my fav store ever!

The "No Boyfriend, No Trouble" outfit I got at Juicy!

March 7: Today is Friday which means it will be a good day! What makes it more of a good day is that today is the day we get let out for Spring Break! Oh & can't forget my mother's birthday! Today she turns 35 and still looking flawless and young :) My mom is my hero, she is my mother & father. She is my rock, my best friend, a gift from above. I am currently in my favorite class called graphic design which is instructed by what happens to be my favorite teacher Mrs. Banda. My grandma just texted me saying she is picking me up early so i can go home and pack! where? to Dallas! SO exciting!! We will be staying with family and will be visiting for the entire Spring Break! :)

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you with all my heart!

March 9: My first day in Dallas was so much fun. My mother, brother, and grandparents stayed with my aunt & uncle in Ceder Hill while i stayed with my cousins in Grand Prairie. First thing i did this morning when i woke, was do my hair & makeup, then got dressed. After that, i was so happy when i got a call from my mom telling me that we are going to Trader's Village. This place is huge and is the mother of all flea markets. They have sooo much stuff! food and games & best of all rides! also cute things to buy for really good prices! Two of my cousins asked if they could tag along so we took them along with us & our aunt Rosa and Uncle Tony. While at Trader's Village, I bought a cute pink bow, some nice jewelry, some nail polishes,and a new cute pink phone case! After we shopped a little, they even have restaurants and bars we can eat and drink at.

Later that night, one of my favorite cousins Robert said he is going to take us all bowling at Alley Cats! I really love Alley Cats because of all the bright lights, fun games, and good food they have. Surprisingly, I am actually really good at bowling so of course, I beat everyone haha. We had so much fun on our first day visiting! When my cousin Nat & I got back to her house, I even painted her a cute design on her nails. So Today was a very productive, fun day. :)

March 24, 2014:  A person I look up to would be someone who has a good caring heart. Someone who has good morals and a good outlook on life.I look up to my grandmother. She grew up with very strict parents and still never went out of line. She has always lived by the bible, and got married at the perfect age and had kids after her marriage with my grandfather. She has taught me to always keep trying and never give up. She taught me this while fighting a battle with Breast Cancer. With all of us by her side she won this cancer battle. She is the person who keeps our family together and I will forever be grateful for her being in my life.

Teacher Appreciation:  I appreciate my teacher Mrs. Banda. She is so kind and such a big-hearted person. She really helps her students and teaches us everything we need to know about Graphic Design. She is not strict or rude like other teachers, she understands and lets us be creative and free our minds. I am appreciative of all of my teachers but Mrs. Banda especially.

Blackout: On the day of the blackout, I was in my 2nd period class Money Matters with Ms. Reagan. We were all quietly working on our Money Skill modules on the computers. Then all of a sudden, the lights suddenly went out and our computers turned off. We were so annoyed and aggravated that our modules didn't save because of this blackout. We stayed in that same class for at least an hour and a half. So me and a friend were on my ipad playing games when we were escorted to the main gym while we waited for what they were going to do. I didn't see any point in waiting so I called my grandmother to pick me up and take me home. And that's exactly what she did.

April 16, 2014

After high school, I plan to move to Dallas. I really want to get out of Harlingen because I don't really want to spend the rest of my life here. I want to be adventurous and explore the world. But before I do that, I really want to go to college at The Art Institute of Dallas. At the Art Institute, they have courses I can take for professional photography. That's what I plan to be my profession, photography. It is my absolute favorite thing to do & by getting my degree from the Art Institute, I can finally accomplish my dream of being a photographer and hopefully be famous for my photographs. Once celebrities & magazines see my pictures, maybe they will give me chance & I will be famous! My dreams are big, but it does not mean they are impossible.

March 29, 2014

This morning my family & I are heading out to South Padre. It was a total last minute thing, my mom just said pack your bags & bathing suits, we are off to the beach! My little brother & I were so excited that we got ready in 5 minutes! As soon as we were ready, we all jumped in the car and were on our way. We picked up food to eat so when we got to the beach we could have a picnic! When we finally got to the island, we went to our favorite beach access and parked in the lot. As soon as we opened the car doors, freezing cold air came blowing straight at our faces. We all quickly got back in the car and stayed there hesitant to go back outside. My mom insisted we have our picnic in the freezing cold air so we got down all of our stuff and blankets to go set up on the beach. Instead of putting the blankets on top of the sand for our picnic, we all wrapped ourselves in our blankets because of how cold it was. My mom said she had no absolute idea that the weather was going to be that bad but we were already there so why not stay? We still had our picnic and of course still had loads of fun even though we were turning into icicles.

March 3, 2014

Today is a very special day for my little brother. He is making his first holy communion and I couldn't be more proud. We may have our fights and disagreements but I still love him and always will. My mom and I stayed up all night finishing up the cake she made for dinner after church. We plan to go to brother's church ceremony for the kids who were making their communion, then after have a dinner at a restaurant for the whole family. When it was my brother's turn to receive his certificate by the priest, my eyes watered a little. It just means everything just to see him so involved and in love with the idea of God. He is growing up right before my eyes.

May 11, 2014

Today is Mother's Day and I couldn't be more excited to give my mom & grandma their gifts I bought for them. I stayed at my aunts house so I am currently here playing with my baby cousins. My mom just called me and said to get ready because we are going out to lunch to celebrate Mother's day. I was excited to go until my aunt invited me to tag along with them to Schlitterbahn and of course I'd rather go get my tan on than out to eat. I just felt really bad that I would basically be ditching my mom on Mother's day to go  have fun at schilterbahn. How selfish of me right? My aunt & uncle kept throwing it at my face that i had to stay home and just go eat while i could be with them having fun in the refreshing cold water instead of being in the hot sun. As my aunt, uncle, two cousins of mine, and i were leaving my aunt called my mom to see if there was any way she would let me go with them to schlitterbahn, and my mom surprisingly said yes! She said that after lunch I would just be there at home all bored so she told me to go ahead. I was so excited to go have fun, but it still bothered me that I probably wouldn't see my mom all day on her special day.

I had so much fun with family at schlitternahn, but i am glad to be home! As soon as i got home I gave my grandma her Mother's Day gift and she absolutely loved it! I got her a little something because she is basically like a second mom to me. She does absolutely everything and anything for me and I appreciate her so much. I am so blessed to have her. After that, my grandma said we can go stop by mom's house to give her the mother's day gift i bought for her. When we got there my mom was so excited and happy to see me, especially with her favorite body spray & cream she loves. She & my grandma loved their gifts and that makes me happy. They are my life and I am so incredible thankful for got putting them in my life.

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