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What is Infinity Downline?

What is Infinity Downline?

So you ask, “what is Infinity Downline“? Infinity Downline has been functional and open to the public since as early as 2009. It was created by renowned marketer Peter Wolfing who is experienced and has several other successful online systems that are still running to his credit. This can be treated as an online marketing program that centers around the process of selling digital download or the informative products.

This system is multi-level marketing, allowing the members to firstly, sell products and secondly, build referrals and earn commission off these referrals when they sell the products as well. Hence the innovating term “Infinity Downline” however once you have signed the information products supported by the website is also on your list of things to sell. This article will provide a short review on just “what is Infinity Downline“, which will help the reader to understand about the working and reliability of the infinity downline website.

The Costs...

How it works is, you pay an initial fee of $25 which goes to the one who has recruited you, not necessarily the admin of the program. This can be quite an attractive deal for prospective members since this amount is relatively cheaper than various other similar programs available on the internet. After this, the amount to be paid is $25 per month which is also common in other programs similar to Infinity Downline. Then there’s another $10 that members need to pay for monthly hosting. One of the attractive features of this system is that if you get a person to join at the same day as you did, you get your fee of $25 back. The second and the fourth referral will pay your sponsor while the third also pays you. After the fourth referral, all the money made goes to you. Also, once a person signs up as a member, one gets complete access to the library containing the downloadable products.

The Compensation plan.

This particular kind of affiliate marketing is called a “reverse two-up”. What this suggests is that the members will be able to break with the first sale that they make. If new referrals are added up quickly once one learns the ins and outs of the system and really uses it to their advantage. Infinity Downline uses quite the effective tool to close a sale. conference calls at night, four days in a week may be used to encourage member’s proceed to check-out and become future prospects that can be followed up.

Bottom Line

There have been a lot of mixed reviews regarding the question “What is Infinity Downline“? However most of the feedback has been positive with review sites suggesting that this is quite an easy program and can be seen as a good lucrative enterprise if one is hardworking and have good experience of recruiting people. Hopefully, this provided you with the basic answers to the question “What is Infinity Downline”?

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