How Will They Divide Turkeys Water?

2014 Population:

2014 Population

The graph shows the population of Turkey, Syria and Iran

Population Growth Overtime:

Population Growth Overtime

The graph shows the population growth of Turkey, Syria, and Iran

Total Renewable vs. Water Withdrawal:

Total Renewable vs. Total Water Withdrawal

My Graph shows the renewable vs the water withdrawal in Turkey. Renewable is the water they can reuse. Withdrawal is all the water from the rivers in turkey. They have a lot of water withdrawal because the rivers flow from their country.

Industry, Agriculture, Domestic:

Water withdrawal for industry, agriculture, and domestic use (in cubic km)

The graph compared the agriculture, industry, and domestic water in Turkey. Turkey has 74% from agriculture, 11% from industry and 15% domestic use.

Internal vs. External Water:

Internal vs. External Water

My graph shows the water from internal to external. Turkey has a lot of internal water because of all the water they get from the two rivers. The rivers flow from their country allowing them to have extra water.

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