2. Developing what should be done to answer the Exam Question*

*The Exam Question is that question that best describes the challenge or opportunity and for which strategy or plans need to be built.

The Development Framework contains 8 Modules. The following order explains the sequence within which we start to understand the context, the current reality

The 8 Modules In Detail

Scroll or click through each of the modules below to get a sense of the structured logic. Think of them as interconnected conversations between the team - with no outcome or bias in mind. There are many supplementary elements to this but this framework gets us to consider the baseline and from there we can build.

    1. The Purpose - What is the Strategic Outcome?
    2. The Critical Success Factors - What Measures and Metrics would signal we were achieving Number One above?
    3. The Dynamics - What are the clues and insights in the Current Reality?
    4. Vision Of The Future - What is the Future Vision that visually represents the Strategic Outcome?
    5. The Critical Imperatives - What are the Business Imperatives that will remove the issues in the Current Reality and ensure we realise the Vision?
    6. The Strategic Themes - What are the strategies and initiatives that will deliver the Measures and Metrics and Outcome above?
    7. Organisational Alignment - What is the required Operating Model or Organization?
    8. Horizon Mapping - What is the roadmap in order to get there?

The 2nd Framework Within the 4D Approach