Math Vocabulary Words

1st 9 weeks

1. addition: bringing two or more numbers together to make a new total.

2. subtraction: taking away one number from a total amount.

3. total: the result of adding all numbers together.

4. equal: exactly the same amount.

5. place value: it tells you who much the number is worth.

6. addend: any numbers that are added together.

7.subtrahend: any number that is going to be subtracted. Its the second number.

8. sum: the answer when adding

9. difference: the answer when subtracting. It tells how much the numbers are different.

10. Math: the study of numbers, and patterns

11. Number Line: A line with numbers placed in their correct position.

12. Greater Than: Bigger than the other number. >>>>>

13. Less Than: Smaller than the other number. <<<<<

14. Cent: The smallest money value in Ameria.

15. Dollar: Al dollar is a type of money. Many countries have named their money the dollar, such as the U.S., Canada, and Australia. 100 cent is $1.00

This is the sign for a dollar -----> $

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