Personal Thoughts on Environmental Ethics

My relationship with the earth used to be as a friend, but as of recently has been more stranger. I find myself going out for a hike, camping trip, or even just a short walk. I see the earth as a beautiful creature, but like many creatures, it has flaws. I believe the earth has been made ugly by its inhabitants. I feel sorrow realizing that one day, regardless of human travesty, that the earth will die. It hurts sometimes to see millions of life forms in a forest, knowing that one day they will no longer exist. But that's also the beauty of life; that maybe somewhere else in our unknown universe, life will continue. I understand the way the circle of life spins,  I understand that there are many different plants and animals that are important to others. I feel love for the earth, both through my experience and ,y belief in catholic stewardship of the earth. I do have faith in the earths ability to function successfully without humans on earth, I believe in a million years earth will be completely different.

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2 years ago

The song "feel it all around" by the band washed out. This song reminds me of time I've spent relaxing on lakes with my family. Every year my family meets and my uncles lake house for the Fourth of July. This song reminds me about the time I relax with them. I find the song to relax me and bring me back to the lake floating and looking up at the sky. Another artist is bob Marley. My dad is from belieze and his music reminds me of the time we spend with his family on the beaches of belieze. These songs remind me of water and the relaxing currents and feelings they bring.