8th Grade Health

Jake McGuigan Period #8

Female Reproductive System

The female reproductive system stores the egg cells.

Create offspring.

Give birth.

Male Reproductive System

Testosterone is produced in the testes during puberty.

Sperm is stored in the testes as well.

Sperm leaves the testes during ejaculation.

Endocrine System

Problems of the endocrine system include overactive thyroid gland.

You can take care of the Endocrine System by getting good rest.

Learn to manage stress to take care of the Endocrine System.


It can take 10 years before HIV symptoms appear in a carrier.

HIV can be spread through contact with sperm.

HIV is not spread through swimming in a pool.


STDs are most common for teens in the ages between 15 and 19

Most STDs are spread through sexual contact.

STDs can cause birth defects.


Not having sex is 100% effective to prevent diseases.

Participating in sex during teen years can ruin your life forever.

70% of teens regret having sex at such an early age.


In a lifetime, women will spend 3500 days menstruating.

Oligomenorrhea is when a woman has her periods less frequently.

Menstruation is the shedding of the endometrium.


During labor, the baby is delivered head first.

Many women know they are pregnant when they miss their period.

Pregnancy lasts for nine months on average.

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