T-Time Investments

"Our goal is to make sure that every investment you make is a Hole in One."

(Investment opportunities ranked from lower-risk to higher-risk)

          We offer multiple forms of helpful information on investment strategies such as:

                    - Top-Down Investing                                - Technical Analysis

                    - Bottom-Up Investing                               - Contrarian Investing

                    - Fundemental Analysis                            - Dividend Investing

          Top-Down and Bottom-Up investing are similar on multiple occasions but at the same time they are much different. Top-Down relates to the way that investors purchase stock based on a large, recurring theme while Bottom-Up investing relates to the method of choosing stock based on the individual strength of companies regardless of what else is happening in that market.

Time for Your 401k to Start Kicking Into Gear

                  In the next area of investment, we are going to talk about your 401k opportunities and how if you start saving now how it can positively effect your future as a retiree. We offer several different 401k savings plans and depending on whichever category you fall under, you can have your choice:

       - 401(k) plans are offered to employees of public or private for-profit companies.

       - 403(b) plans are offered to employees of tax-exempt or non-profit organizations, such as public schools, colleges, hospitals, libraries, philanthropic organizations and churches.

       - 457 plans are offered to employees of state and local municipal governments (and some local school and state university systems).

       - Thrift Savings Plans are offered to federal civilian and uniformed services employees which means anyone from any armed forces branch as well as several areas of the government.

                  As I stated in the paragraph before, depending on which of these categories you fall under we will work with you to help get you what you want out of a retirement plan.

The Name's Bond, Savings Bond

If keeping your money intact and earning interest is your goal, consider what we like to call a “buy and hold” strategy. When you hold a bond to it's maturity, you will gain the benefit of interest payments, usually twice a year, and receive the face value of the bond at maturity. This means that although it may take slightly longer for certain bonds to mature, it makes them worthwhile long-term investments.

Certificates of Deposit

The purpose for Certificates of Deposit(CoDs) is to prove that someone stored something away by entrusting it as well as it's value to an accredited savings area such as a bank or something similar. It deems the bank liable for anything that goes wrong as well as gains interest and eventually renews annually.

Corporate and Municipal Bonds

Corporate bonds are debt obligations (IOU's) that are sent out by both private companies and public organizations. These can be a medium risk investment due to the average prices ranging between $1,000 and $5,000 and that would go towards building facilities, to purchasing equipment, even possibly by expanding their business. You will however are pretty much guaranteed to make your money back with some interest which can make it worth your while to invest.

Municipal bonds are debt certificates issued by states, cities, counties and other governmental groups, which use the money to build benefits for the public good such as schools, buildings, roads, anything that the public uses continuously.

Money Market Mutual Funds

A money market fund's purpose is to provide investors with a safe place to invest easily accessible, cash-equivalent assets. It is a very low-risk, low-return investment but it is very reliable. Because money market funds have relatively low returns, investors such as those participating in employer-sponsored retirement plans, might not want to use money market funds as a long-term investment option because they will not see the capital appreciation they require to meet their financial goals.

Time for a Hostile Takeover with Junk Bonds

Junk bonds are what companies use to gain quick financing, usually in order to perform a hostile takeover of another company. This is one of the highest risk-reward payoffs in investing and if you put too much money into it, it could either make or break you.

Treasure Your Notes and Bonds

Hold on to your notes and bonds because they, like kids, mature, but unlike kids they actually pay you back over time.

A security that earns the same rate of interest for up to 30 years. When you buy the bond, you know what rate of interest it will earn. The treasury announces a fixed rate each May 1 and Nov. 1 for new EE bonds. You can buy these and they may take a bit of time but it'll be worth it in the long run and they are also not subject to taxes of any form.

Hold on to your Equities

Equities are the total value of all the stocks you have in a particular company. They can help determine what goes on and how much control or say you have in it.

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