Lorenzo de Zavala

Delegate to the Texas Constitutional Convention
First Signer of the Mexican Constitution of 1824
Former Governor of the State of Mexico in 1827 & 1823
Signed the Texas Declaration of Independence in 1836

Following a healthy political life in Mexico, Lorenzo de Zavala received a colonization grant for lands in Texas in 1829. Upon returning to the Texas region, he  once again became involved in the politics of the region, but this time on the revolutionary side.  As a representative from Harrisburg, Texas, de Zavala traveled to Washington, Texas as a delegate for the Texas Constitutional Convention.

According to William Fairfax Gray,  de Zavala was called "the most interesting man in Texas" at the time of the Washington Convention.

Lorenzo de Zavala died in November 1936 after complications from pneumonia.  He is survived by wife Emily West and six children. The funeral proceedings will take place in their home, this Monday, December 1st at 4 o'clock. Friends of the family and the public are respectfully invited to attend.