The White Mountains

John Christopher - The Author of The White Mountains

John Christopher was born in Lancashire, the United Kingdom on April 16, 1922. Sadly, he died on February 9, 2012. One of his most popular series was The Tripods where he created four books, one of them being The White Mountains. The other books in the series are The City of Gold and Lead, The Pool of Fire, and lastly When The Tripods Came. JohnChristopher became a very successful writer.

Elements of Science Fiction

The White Mountains is filled with elements of science fiction. The details in the book describe futuristic events. The main plot of the book is around a mysterious invention or so to say robot that is taking over the world in a way. The setting of the book feels in the past because the characters are still finding out valuable information, a common watch in our world is very rare in this book, and most civilizations are castles and old villages.


Will - Will is the main character of the novel. He shows a large amount of jealousy in the book but also hard work. Will is able to fight through pain as he suffers a broken ankle on his journey to the White Mountains. He grows smarter and smarter throughout the book.

Beanpole - Beanpole is the smartest and most curious character in the book. He finds extra information about any new thing he finds and in some cases it is useful. He develops theories about how abandoned civilizations got around the world and what some items were used for.

Henry - Henry is Will's life long enemy who fights him daily. Henry annoys will with everything he does. Eventually as the story goes on the two become less enemies and more of friends. Henry realizes that teamwork is key and arguing can't be happening.


Will experiences the "capping" of his cousin, when the Tripods (the inventions that basically rule the world) take over your brain and control your thoughts, and realizes that he doesn't want to be capped. He decides to make a run for the White Mountains, which supposedly is the only place in the world where the tripods aren't. Before he leaves for his journey, Henry catches him and joins him. Along the way, they meet Beanpole and join each other for the daring adventure. Together, they go through all the challenges in store for them.


Will, Henry, and Beanpole must make it to the White Mountains without being seen by the Tripods.


The three boys work together as a team to find a way to make it to safety in the White Mountains.


To me, this book really didn't catch my eye. The details were great and the book was easy to understand, yet the storyline wasn't too interesting. There wasn't a moment in the book where I wanted to further read. Everything was very dull.

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