Nazi Camp sites

Summery: It all started between 1933 and 1945. They established camps to imprison millions of people. Most for forced labor, other camps like transit camps where used for way stations, and killing centers, built primary for exclusively for mass murder on people. they also built a series of facilities to imprison and eliminate enemies of state . Most people there in the early were German communist, socialist, social democrat, Roma (Gypsies), and others.

marches of death

Summery: A Massive soviet 1944 offensive in eastern Belarus a German army group center and permitted soviet forces to over run a Nazi concentration camp.shortly after that ss chief Heinrich Himmler order the prisoners in all the camps to retreat. They called it the Marches Of Death. They didn't want the enemy to let the prisoners get in there hands. The ss thought they needed prisoners to maintain production  wherever possible.

The early years of Hitler

Summery: Despite of becoming the dictator of Germany, Hitler wasn't born there he was born in  Braunau am inn, Austria April 20th 1889. However Hitler had sibling that died in childhood.He had 3 dads, his last dad served as a civil service when Hitler was 6, he died when he was 13.He dreamed of being an artist, he even tried to attend an art school but they wouldn't let him. Shortly after hes mom died by breast cancer. He had to live on the street selling drawing to make a little bit of money. Time passed to where he was a solider in world war 1, he was awarded medals for bravery. For more information go to

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