What Are Factors Of People Not Liking Public Speaking?

Over the past couple of weeks I have been working on my Genius Hour Passion Project in my Social Studies class and I Decided to research the topic of public speaking. One of the three questions I asked then researched is "What are factors of people not liking public speaking?" I found the answer I was looking for on and the top ten reasons people don't like public are...

"1. Self conscious

2. Fear of Appearing Nervous

3. Concerns of Judgment

4. Past Failures

5. Poor Preparation

6. Narcissism

7. Dissatisfaction with your abilities

8. Discomfort with your own body/movement

9. Poor breathing Habits

10. Comparing your self to others"

How Do You Minimize Nerves?

I researched the question above and got my answer when I found the perfect website called and the top nine ways to minimize nerves are...

"1. Take a deep breath

2. Accept that you are anxious

3. Realize that your brain is playing tricks on you

4. Question your thoughts

5. Use a claiming visualization

6. Be an observer without judgment

7. Use a positive self talk

8. Focus on right now

9. Focus on meaningful activities

Is Public Speaking a good Way to Decrease Shyness?

I asked my peers the question above and the results were...

Yes: 19

No: 6

I asked the people that chose no "why" And they said, "throwing someone that is nervous in front of people that may not have the same views won't help them grow, instead it will make them even more nervous!" This was an incredible and true answer! Public speaking may not be for all but it's made for me!

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