Jan Brett

Author Study

Current Lifestyle

                                             Jan Brett's current lifestyle is she lives in Nortel,Massachusetts with her 2 dogs and her husband. She loves animals and drawing animals, animals are her favorite thing to draw.Jan Brett currently  was born on December 1, 1949. She has thirty nine million books in print and loves traveling around the world

Background information

Jan has been to Africa, arctic circle. When Jan was a child she decided to be a illustrator. She had pets such as guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs, cats, a donkey, a horse, and even a pet chicken named Delly those animal inspired book of hers such as the mitten, and the first dog.

Inspiration for writing the books

For the books The first dog her characters are based on the animals that she owns right now and the same with the mitten all of her other books are based off of her love to write and to just inspire young kids to grow up and write like she does.

Hardships or challenges the author faced

When I was little I was very shy. When I drew I felt I could really express myself. I always wanted to be an illustrator – since kindergarten. Writing came later. I wanted be in control of the whole creative process.

Theme:Theme is NOT the plot!

Mood:Mood belongs to me!

Tone:Author’s feelings towards their text.

Characters:Character traits- relates back to theme.

Writing Style:Figurative language, sentence structure, rhyme scheme, repeating words, etc.

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