Curly's Wife

Lonely, Desperate, Isolated

All I ever wanted was......

For people to respect me

To have a nice place and husband

To be in the pictures

To feel  like I'm pretty

To talk to people

But I didn't want

To hate everyone

To feel desperate

A bad reputation

To feel isolated

Everyone to hate me

To die young.

Curly's wife was free before she met Curly. She also had a nicer boyfriend who would let her be in the pictures. Since her mom didn't want that she went off a married Curly instead because she hated her mom.

Curly's wife was yelling at crooks. She threatened him by saying that she'll make sure that Curly cans him, but she never did because she doesn't have the heart. She hates Crooks because he was colored, but loved talking to him since she wanted friends. Even though he hated Curly's wife, she still talked to him and the others.

She tries to talk to Lennie but George always stops her. She likes Lennie because he hurt Curly. She tries to go out with by saying that she can give him rabbits. Then one day in the book Lennie is feeling her hair and accidentally kills her.

She interacted with Slim quite a bit through out the  book. She talks to Slim a lot because he is the perfect guy and is super sweet. He isn't much of a fan of her because he doesn't want to get in trouble by Curly. He talks to her sometimes when Curly isn't around because she is pretty.

At the end of the book she feels lonely and unloved. She tells Lennie about her feelings and why she acts the ways she does. Curly's wife adds to the theme because her life ends up changing near the end of the book. The way her life changes is pretty dramatic and sad. Then again she should of know what would've happened around Lennie.

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