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As you can see by the videos, there's a lot of different ways erosion can happen!

  • Erosion - The process by which the surface of the earth is worn away by the action of water, glaciers, winds, waves, and etc. Sometimes erosion can affect houses.

Quiz time!

You didn't expect a quiz, huh? Well we're just going to take a brief little quiz about erosion!

Question 1. How does erosion affect us?

Question 2. What causes erosion?

Question 3. What are some different kinds of erosion?

Question 4. True or False? Wind erosion occurs in wet areas.

Question 5. What can waves destroy?


You made it through the test! Time to see if you were correct!

Answer 1. Erosion affects us in many different ways. It can create soil for crops and plants. It also brings sand into the ocean and makes beaches smaller and can weather down mountains.

Answer 2. Rain, ice, water, glaciers, etc.

Answer 3. Soil erosion, Water erosion, Glacier erosion, Wind erosion, etc.

Answer 4. False. Wind erosion usually happens in dry areas.

Answer 5. They wear away rocks in the ocean and sand on the beach.

- Claire and ELizabeth -

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