French newsletter, le 25 mars
The Table française is tomorrow:
le jeudi 26 mars, 17h30-18h30 (Duke 307)

Impressive tides of the century in France:

Le Mont Saint-Michel became an island!

A little review of prepositions of place:

In English, we park on a driveway and drive on a parkway...!  French has its bizarre elements--here are a few:

The French don't always pronounce English words correctly...see if you understand how the French pronounce these English words:

Looking for some new (French) music to listen to? This list suggests artists/groups which are similar to American ones:

A grave was recently discovered under a Parisian supermarket (article in French, but you can find others in English on the same topic):

Travel virtually to the Odette café in Paris with Janice MacLeod:

French poet Arthur Rimbaud traveled to Ethiopia:

The French don't only greet one another when arriving at a party, they say goodbye to individuals upon leaving, too, which can be a lengthy process:

Last, but not least, a moment of architectural zen: beautiful French doorways: