The Case Of The Missing Case - Mystery Solution

The suspect or suspects who commented the crime were the Rugs brothers. They were the only Jack was working with his brother the whole time. All of the other suspects could not have committed the crime. Jimmy couldn't have because John Vanguard saw Jimmy walk home at the same time as him, so he couldn't have done it. Also the brush that was found at the scene was not his because he wouldn't need it, he is bald. The person who it belonged to was Zack Rugs. He wrote his Jimmy's signature on it with his artistic skills. Tony Bricks could not have done it because he said he was destroying a case that night and he was. The case that Holly River saw him carrying was the case he was going to destroy. Eddie Camelback couldn't have done it either because he was at the party which did last until 10:00. The only untruthful alibi was Zack's he said he was at an art convention the day the case was stolen, but Rick found that there was no convention the day. He must be lying. Also on the day when his brother came to visit him, they were planning on how they would steal the case. Zack went back to Texas with the case with him and was hiding it at there house. They said they opened his case, but they refuse to tell what was inside.