Tree Man Disease

Epidermodysplasia verruciformis

While sneaking out of his ex girlfriends house Anak Cabang fell off the roof. After getting up he realized he cut his feet on a shattered glass bottle.  a few days later he realized that a wart was growing near the cut. when he went to the doctor he asked if he was sexually active and he said yes. So the doctor came to the conclusion that he had syphilis so he put Anak on a penicillin regimen and told him to come back in a month. When a month rolled around he came back in and the warts had actually grown. He was then sent to a dermatologist who had seen something like this before. When he arrived the doctor had asked if he could do a male version of a pap smear and finds out he has type 2 hpv and then knew what the disease was a man was on national television with it. It is tree man disease he then proceeded to tell Anak that he'd have to spend the rest of his life having these warts removed


thick visible warts

skin becomes thick and hardened

hands and feet covered in yellow-brown blotches

skin looks like bark


a failed immune response to type 2 hpv and is believed to come from a genetic defect. It steals the cellular machinery of skin cells which makes skin create tree-like extensions known as cutaneous horns


This disease has only in people with Indonesian decent


No deaths have occurred however the physical deformities are very severe

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