Spiral Test 2

Korbyn J. Peaslee

Sedimentary Rock

rock formed from the cementing and compacting of bits of sediment


small pieces of broken down by weathering


a structure which helps an organism survive. Examples would be the wings of a bat or spines on a cactus


the same as an instinct. A behavior an animal or human is born with and which doesn't have to be taught. Example: crying, eating, building a nest

Complete Metamorphisis

four stages that include egg, larva, pupa, adult

Incomplete Metamorphosis

three stages that include egg, nymph, adult


a material which attracts iron or steel

Nonliving Factor

a factor in an ecosystem such as water, air, sunlight, rocks, or temperature. Nonliving factors are important to an ecosystem


organisms such as bacteria, earthworms, or fungi; important because they return nutrients to the envirement


does not allow heat to flow easily. Foam, plastic, and wood are examples. Metal does not make a good insulator because it is a conductor of heat


allow heat or electricity to flow through easily. Copper is a great conductor of electricity and is used in electrical wiring.

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