How Is Our Government Doing?

By: Payton Meyer

Warship part of U.S. contingency plan for Sochi Olympics

By CNN's Barbara Starr

This is an example of how our government is providing a common defense. According to the article, "The U.S. military will have up to two warships and several transport aircraft on standby under a contingency plan to help evacuate American officials and athletes from the Winter Olympics, if ordered, a U.S. official said Monday." The article also states that The State Department will take the lead in organizing and evacuating United States citizens, if necessary. Planes and ships are there "if something happens like a major terrorist attack and we need to get Americans out," a U.S. official says. A C-17 will also be on standby in Germany, and could be in Sochi in two hours if necessary.

No Child Left Behind

Education Week Spotlight

This is an example of how our government is establishing justice. With the 'No Child Left Behind' law, our government is giving all children an equal opportunity at education. According to the article, "It [the 'No Child Left Behind' law] expanded the federal role in education and took particular aim at improving the educational lot of disadvantaged students. The article also talks about how the law came at a time of concern about the state of education, and at the core of the law was a number of measures designed to drive broad gains is student achievement.

Experts: N. Mexico suspect, other young shooters show preteens' impulse actions

By CNN's Michael Martinez

This is an example of how our government is not insuring domestic tranquility. According to Sheila Ray, clinical psychologist at the University of Illinois, "It's becoming more and more common in the middle-school age, for these kids to be committing these violent acts." This is at least the fourth school shooting that has resulted in fatality committed by someone under 15 years of age in 14 years, the youngest of the killers being only six.