Etiquette tips and Information

Jack Wemhoff

When writing an email be basic and to the point. This is important because it wont confuse the reader. You need to give your whole name and what you are emailing the teacher about. This is very important because this way a teacher will not confuse you with another student. Do not write in all CAPITALS. It can be very rude. Think twice to see if your email is appropriate and won’t go viral. If you send inappropriate emails you can get in trouble with the law depending on how serious it is. Use proper spelling, grammer, and punctuation to keep your email professional. You can get a better grade if it is more professional looking. Use proper structure and layout. You don't want it to look sloppy. Don’t forward jokes. It will make your presentation look less serious. Be careful what you send people. You don't want to hurt other people online.

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