Tao Fellowship

Tao Fellowship is a non-profit organization that was founded by Ilchi Lee in 1998 under the universal principles of harmony and peace.

Starry nights at Sedona Mago Retreat

Tao Fellowship operates a retreat center in Sedona, Arizona called Sedona Mago Retreat. The retreat provides a place for people to study the disciplines of Sun Tao intensively. Through meditation, exercise, training courses, and retreats, practitioners learn to live harmoniously with their inner nature, other people, and the world. Sedona Mago Retreat is the Fellowship’s primary means of educating the public about the principles and practices of Sun Tao in the U.S. Additionaly, Sedona Mago Retreat Center also offers a weekly Tao Sunday Service and open house where people can talk to students and masters that are studying at the center.

The spiritual origin of Tao Fellowship is Sun Tao, Korea’s original tradition of Taoism. In this tradition, Mago – the soul of mother earth – represents the ultimate Oneness as the common source of life to all existence on the Earth and our original divine nature. Tao Fellowship believes that divinity lies in the human brain and spiritual enlightenment can be explained from the perspective of the brain. This is a very unique distinction between Tao Fellowship and other spiritual/religious traditions.