Canadian Tourism

Kallie G, Ian B

Canada has many beautiful natural landscapes. They are perfect for any adventurer, hiker, or nature enthusiast.


There are many different races, cultures, religions

Many cultures are accepted in Canada, also known as multiculturalism.

First Nations

You can visit the Canadians of the First Nations in Canada in national parks and museums.

Canada's Parliament

Canada's Parliament has two bodies, the House of Commons and the Senate. They make the Canadian laws and policies. Citizens elect members of the House of Commons.

Prime Minister

Canada has a prime minister. The prime minister runs the executive branch in the legislature. Pierre Trudeau was the prime minister once, he led en effort to add a Charter of Rights and Freedoms to the Canadian Constitution in 1982.

Canada's Government

Canada has a constitutional monarchy which means they have a constitutional government and a king or queen.


Canada's exports mainly consists of wood and paper products, fuel, minerals, aluminum, wheat, and oil. These are sold around the world.

Transportation Corridors

Canada has many transportation corridors, or paths that make make moving around easier.

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