The Aztec

The aztec arrived at The Valley of Mexico but was unknown when the Aztec arrived. The Aztec got stronger by their beliefs in a sign that would come from their god of war and sun, which was huitzilopochtli. The monarchs of Aztec claimed power from their lineage or their families generation of god. Aztec believed in many gods and there was one great god called omeoteotl who represented all power and the heavens. The beliefs of the Aztec was an unending struggle between the forces of bad and good. Aztec practiced sacrifices to please the god of sun, Huitzilopochtli.

The aztec had loose fitting clothes that didn't really cover the whole body. Their clothes were made of cotton and had full armor with full exposed face.

Aztec grew maize to eat and chocolate to drink and was used as currency.

They planted their maize beans squash and other crops.

The warriors dressed as animals and each one of the animal skins were the warriors ranks.

The aztec kept track of time by calendar wheels

The men would have more than one wife but was needed to have a primary one for their ceremony or wedding.

They will tell the reincarnation of people in the afterlife.

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