A Drop Of Honey!!!!

-The king dropped some honey  from his balcony while breakfasting.

-The minister was going to clean it but the king refused and told that it not your work its servants work.

-A fly eats the  drop of honey.

-A cat sees the fly , jumps on it  and eat it.

-The dog saw the cat eating the fly and it runs to catch it but a fight starts.

-The minister tells the king about the fight and that he should stop it but the king refuses and say its just a cat and dog the fight will be over in a min or two.

-The owners of the cat and dog tried to stop the fight but at the end the owners started a verbal fight and then they started being physical.

-The minister was getting worried so he asked the king to stop the fight but still the King told that its not his problem.

-The family and friends gathered and cheered them up and the market was ruined up badly. In short the fight had grown worst.

-The minister was getting worried but still the king refused to do anything.

-At the end the whole town was fighting many people were killed and palace was to set on fire.

-Civil war broke out and destroyed the country.

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