Homo Habilis
Koryn Leyland

Physical Description

Handy Men had 2 feet, they were taller than Lucy, they had more human like features, they had ape features, and their brains are 2 the size than Lucy's.

Handy Man lived 1.5 to 2 million years ago in Africa.

Resources and How they Survived

They survived by staying in groups. Staying in groups helped them survive to because the protected each other from animal attacks they could collect their food over larger areas of land and it helped them survive.

The tools they used

The tools that handy man used were animal bones for digging hole rocks for sharpening tools and sharp pieces of stone for cutting.

Interesting Facts

Their Latin name is Homo Habilis and they were discovered by Louis and Marie Leakey, They ate small animals and they made their own traps for small animals by digging holes or building tools.

This is where Homo Habilis lived and where Louis and Marie discover them.

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