Logo designs

The Facebook logo is a iconic logo. The simple F with the blue box is a dead giveaway of the social media. It is an icon that says social media and all social media logos fallow it.

The play station logo is a generally easy logo to understand. The P and slanted S are clearly viable and leave an imprint in your mind with the abstract look it has.

The Red bull logo is a very distinct logo. The off blue and silver squares and the 2 red bulls with the yellow circle are found all of extreme action sports. You can find this on cars, boats, plains, skateboards, helmets and the energy drink.

The quick silver logo is a surfer logo. You can tell with the waves in the back of the logo and the mountain in the wave.

The Atlanta Hawks basketball team's hawk head is a mean looking head. Its not exacley saying its from Atlanta but it looks cool.

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