Hiscores for free players, Action bar sharing and Clan Admin Message

Overall - All Time table requires at least 2154 XP

Last week the Runescape team has released a set of updates in response to player’s most requested features: Hiscores for free players, Action bar sharing and Clan Admin Message.

Play HiScores is back to free. Free players are once again able to compete with the paid members in terms of XP earning and showcase their strength. Here is a reminder for free players, your stat will not be displayed in the score table until you log in to record your HiScore. Those free players who fail to log in for 90 days or more will be pulled off the list due to the application of a new inactivity system. Meanwhile there are basic criteria to meet if you want your score displayed on the table:

  • Overall - All Time table requires at least 2154 XP
  • Now it’s about time to prove your skills and wisdom as a free players!

    Action bar sharing is now available now for players to either help a rookie to learn the essence or to share your optimized setup to improve your group’s performance. But you can share your action bar only with the people on your friends list.

    It’s very easy to use: right-click the number on the action bar number on the left side of the interface and select 'share'. Your friend list will popped up in front, then just select someone you’d like to share your combination of actions with. The one being shared will receive a prompted window asking him whether want to accept.

    Another major update is the Clan Admin Broadcast Messages. After listening to the clan leaders’ voices, the RS team design the message system, aiming to inform clan members of key events. Now if you are a clan leader, you can use the system to broadcast information like new recruitment or member quitting, to certain clan members that you want them to know. Thanks to the new interface, leaders can customize the targeted audience and filter unnecessary listeners from some news. Leaders can also edit the Admin Permissions tab to decide who can access the broadcast function.

    Besides the three nice changes, there are also some small tweaks packed in last week’s update, please refer to patch notes for details.

  • Any skill-specific All Time table requires minimum level 15 in that skill
  • To appear in a weekly or monthly hiscore table, you need to have minimum 1000 XP in the related time frame