Another world war?

tensions worsen  as North Korea tests yet another nuclear weapon !

By: Eric Lacher

The threat of war is rising because of North Korea. North Korea isn't the only country to blame though, because Iran is also a huge threat to the rest of the world because they are the ones suppling N. Korea with weapons of mass destruction and they have been taking NATO drones. If the U.S or NATO decides to go to war with N. Korea it will most likely cause China, Iran, and maybe even Russia to defend North Korea. those actions would spark the begining of World War III and maybe even end the chances of world peace. the fact that we owe so much money to china and we haven't paid them back, North Korea has launched a succeful rocket that can reach the u.s and that they also have atomic bombs and are close to producing a nuclear war head, Iran is close to inventing their own version of a fighter jet, and the way russia views Americans i believe another world war is coming in the near future.

 I think another world war would be horrific, especially one were every country involved has active nuclear weapons. if WWIII actually happens every state in the U.S and every city in every country involved would be at risk of a nuclear attack with or without warning. I think this needs to be prevented because if not live will be lost and the world and its enviroment and culture could be at risk. I think this can be preventes by trusting N. Korea alot more than we currently do, end the cease fire and make peace, help S.Korea strengthen their military to maybe help make U.S or NATO involvment unnessasary, and find a way to make it up to China.

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