Management and Creativity

1. Reflector will allow you and your students to project their iPads.

2.Go to self-service, click on applications and scroll down till you find Reflector 2.0.2


  1. Easily send links to students (class website, library website, kahoot, etc.)
  2. Share pictures (students research and share information, share pictures from activities quickly and easily)
  3. Send quick notes for students to remember (homework, reminders, youtube video links and more)

What are some ways you can see this used?

Another option is to make QR codes and put them on notecards

Pic Collage

Highly engaging

Multiple uses (parts of speech, science tools, phonics skills, text features)

Student work Samples

Any other ideas?


Students can showcase work.

Student work Sample

Story Kit

An easy way for students to create books.

A few other items